Hi, I'm Malvina - I'm glad you are here, on my website.
As it's already been said - hi, my name is Malwina.
I am the author of the MCMfoto.com a website you are currently viewing. I’m also the author of all the photos presented on it. The MCMfoto website was created to share with a wider audience a generally available portfolio, through which you can get acquainted with my works, as well as with the offer of photographic services that I provide daily.
I’m delighted that you are visiting my site. I hope your time spent here was full of fruitful ideas and inspirations, and now you will find courage to contact me, so I can help you catch some wonderful pictures of foods, products or help you memorize the most unique moments of your life.
I'm based in Poland, and this country is my place of origin. But to me, photography in the modern world has no limits. If you want to include my work in your professional and private life, contact me anyway - we will find a way, so that together we can do great things.​​​​​​
What can I do for you
Within my photography I value brightness, simplicity, and detail. Whether I photograph foods, products, landscapes or people, I always strive for revealing natural beauty and keeping all photographed objects authentic.
Food and product photography
Foremost, my greatest passion is photographing food and products - out of rapture and love for foods. Authentically captured foods and produce is an essential part of my photography - I pay particular attention to the reliable presentation of the beauty of food products, which I consider an important element of every credible and dependable cook, restaurateur, author of books, blogs, or entrepreneurs.
Therefore I consider my photography as an honest one - with no artificial sugar added or not sugarcoated.
In order not to be groundless, I will add that it is because of this passion for food and food related products that I run a blog and write about food. I'm after conscious eating choices and habits, but more about that, you can easily read on my other page - www.homefoodbymalvi.com.
Special events and lifestyle photography
In connection with the above, I happen to receive many request to photograph people and moments - which I do out of curiosity about folks and feelings. These offers usually come to me on the recommendation of satisfied customers. I was lucky enough to photograph special events like: weddings, christenings, holly communions, important family events, anniversary photos, as well as all those moments that are the most important and unique for you.
I was also fortunate to be endowed with your trust, and thanks to that I was able to create some lifestyle photographs in which I captured such moments from your life by creating engagement, couple's, pre-wedding, family sessions with you - those outdoors and at home, occasionally and without coercion. In the so-called lifestyle photography, there will also be space for maternity and very personal photos.
If you have made up your mind to trust my eyes and believe the style of my photography - then let's go and create some magic together.
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